Sucess Story

  • Roto Paint Artist

    Tarun Jain

    Supervisor (Paint-ViewD)
    My Journey in Prime Focus has been wonderful. I joined as a roto-paint artist and from then on it has only been about climbing the ladder upwards. Currently I am working as a Supervisor (Paint) in the stereoscopy division, involved in production deliveries, training and many more activities. Its a pleasure to make new comers understand the process and mentor them once they start with live shots. To sum up Prime Focus is a perfect place to work to see your career growing along with the company.
  • Roto Artist, Digital Paint ViewD

    Ankit Vyas

    I started in Prime Focus on 19th Feb, 2010 as a fresher Roto Artist. I was promoted to a Team Lead's position in a Month. After 5-6 months a opportunity in the paint team and my consistent performance got me successfully selected into Paint. Having entered into paint with minimal knowledge, the company invested time and effort and taught me the nuances and necessary skills required. From an artist first, then a Team Lead to today as a Paint Supervisor. It all seems like a dream, and I want it to continue
  • Roto Artist, Digital Paint, Stereo, Line Producer

    Baljeet Singh

    Assistant Manager
    I feel very happy sharing my career growth and journey as an employee after joining Prime Focus in 2011. It’s been more than 6 years of working with this organization. From working as a Roto Artist and then joining the Stereo Creative Team in 2012 to then moving to the Production Team after getting an opportunity in 2014 and today being a Line Producer, my journey here has been nothing short of exemplary while Prime Focus moulded me in the Route of Success
  • Roto Artist, Stereo Paint VFX Industry

    Lalit Dawale

    Team Lead - Stereo Paint
    I joined Prime Focus as a Roto fresher after my diploma in VFX in 2010. Since then it has been more than 7 years here. My journey from an artist to a Sr.Team Lead in Paint has been unbelievable and wonderful. My seniors played a significant role in guiding and nurturing me into a technically strong and skilled artist and make my mark. All the hard work has really paid off. I feel very proud sharing my career growth in Prime Focus.
  • Stereo, Paint Artist

    Sachin Chaubal

    Artist – Stereo Paint
    I joined Prime Focus in early 2011 as an Roto artist and then i got the opportunity to join the Paint department in 2012. I'm in the Paint department for the last 6 years and it has been some of the best years of my life. Working with one of the fastest growing companies in India. I feel proud to be part of this company and it has given me the best stage to showcase my talent. The secret of success is good workplace & culture with efficient communication, creativity and not to forget, fun.
  • Stereo, Paint Artist VFX Post Production

    Sajan Tuscano

    Artist – Stereo Paint
    I joined Prime Focus in early 2010 as an Roto artist and as a new comer I was very reluctant and afraid of how the things will work out. But, with the support of my seniors and efforts things started to fall in place. As time passed I had an opportunity to move to a new department, Paint. Without any second thoughts, I took the plunge. And the rest as they say is history. I have now been with the paint department for the last 7 yrs, going on and growing strong.
  •  VFX Rotoscopy Prime Focus

    Manu Jain

    Senior Supervisor (View-D)
    My journey with Prime started as a 21 yr old with dreams to reach at the very top with the best possible creative knowledge. This organization gave me a platform and opportunities aplenty to learn and develop in a team which is capable of becoming the best stereo conversion studio in the world. With a constant urge and passion to grow Prime Focus took us along on their journey and made us a part of that story. I can’t really define the journey as a whole as it has still not ended. But in short the journey turned “a Boy into a successful Man”.
  • 3D Animation, Digital Paint

    Joginder Singh

    Assistant Manager - Paint
    I joined Prime Focus in 2011 with lots of aspirations and pride. Having done my Graduation in 3D animation, in the span of 10 months I got promoted as Production Coordinator in Roto. After lots of learning and striving, in July 2014, I was moved to the new View-D department with a promotion as a Sr. Production Coordinator in Sept 2016. 1 year later I stepped up as a Line -Producer in Paint department. Now, I’m working as an Assistant Manager in paint department. The reason behind the success is the constant support from my seniors who guided me through the way.
  • Roto Artist, Production Manager (View-D)

    Ravinder Singh Bishnoi

    Production Manager (View-D)
    Having started my career in Prime Focus in 2010 as an Artist, I dreamt about being associated with a brand that was making a mark globally. I then became a Team Lead, who handled a huge team of ViewD. My performance was recognized I was promoted as a Line Producer in Production. Getting work done the way it was required got me promoted as an Asst. Manager. I was a key member in setting ViewD Mohali in 2014 from strength to strength. With ongoing work I was rewarded a position of Production Manager. In short I’d say I have lived the culture of Prime Focus.
  • Senior Stereographer, Visual Effect & Animation

    Ritesh Aggarwal

    Senior Stereographer - Vancouver
    Being an Engineer gave me logic in life. However my passion for Films led me to study Visual Effects and Digital Animation thereafter. It has been about 9 years with this Organization and I want to keep growing here. This is where the opportunity lies. And to top it all, I get my name in the film credits. Prime Focus gives me the opportunity to learn, think, do and excel. I believe, if you have passion, you will succeed. And if Film is your passion, then you will succeed at Prime Focus.
  • Senior Paint Supervisor, roto paint artist, Diploma in VFX

    Sandeep Gamre

    Senior Paint Supervisor (View-D)
    I had joined prime focus as a roto paint artist as a fresher. I had just completed my diploma in VFX. My journey from roto paint artist to Sr.Paint Supervisor is unbelievable and wonderful. I am lucky enough to work in every department in Prime Focus from roto , Paint, Elements, Explorer Team, View-D Comping and Supervision ,I got to do everything. This is an ideal place to work and explore your talent
  • Roto Artist, Senior Supervisor (Paint), VFX Career

    Binoy Joseph

    Senior Supervisor (Paint)
    My journey has been remarkably wonderful and overwhelming considering the growth and support I have constantly received from my colleagues which has helped me grow in my career towards the Organizational goals. I developed myself from a Roto Artist to a Senior Paint Supervisor for the Stereo Division of the Company. To sum up, my passion was given the right direction and stimulus to climb further up, which became the reason for me to be what I am today. A perfect place to work hard and party harder, with an excellent organizational structure.
  • Master Trainer, VFX, visual Effects

    Shreeraj Gopi

    Master Trainer
    I joined Prime focus on 19th Feb 2010 dreaming about being associated with a brand that was making a mark in media and entertainment industry. I worked, as a Roto Artist and post that there was no looking back. Currently I am designated as Master Trainer and involved in designing curriculum, innovating new techniques and setting benchmarks for the skill set
  • Roto Artist, Roto Supervisor, Stereo Supervisor

    Dhiraj Sukheja

    Sr. Supervisor (View-D)
    How has been your journey since then ? “Instead of taking the traditional route that people normally opt for, I always wanted to enter an industry where I could explore my creativity to its fullest. I didn’t want to stick to one place and do the same nine-to-five office job. Prime Focus showed me the way to reach where I always wanted to be. During my journey of around 7 years I have grown from a Roto artist to a Roto Supervisor and then from a Stereo artist to a Sr. Stereo Supervisor.
  • Line Producer,Prime Focus

    Chandrasekhar Gudati

    Line Producer
    I am feeling very happy to share my journey with Prime Focus which has been truly enriching and full of good experience I joined Prime Focus family as a Roto Artist in April 2007 and have completed more than 09 fruitful and rewarding years with the organization. I became Team Leader in 2008, Supervisor in 2009 & Line Producer in 2015. I am thankful to be a part of Prime Focus as it has definitely helped me in achieving my goals and has shown me the right path towards success.
  • Supervisor, Visual Effects

    Vidyasagar Karampuri

    I feel pride while sharing my career growth as an employee of prime Focus. It has been more than 6 years of association with the organization. I joined Prime Focus in 2009, as a Roto Artist. I became Team Leader in 2010 & Supervisor in 2011. All the hard work has really paid off, and I feel, it is the only route to success.
  • VFX Industry, Career in VFX, Roto Artist

    Akash Mangavkar

    Senior Manager (Production)
    I am very grateful to prime focus for giving me a chance to work with this reputed company . It has not only helped me to build my career but it has shaped my life as well It as been 7 years since I started my amazing journey with the company as a roto artist and the company appreciated my endeavour & promoted me to Production Coordinator. This inspired me a lot and I worked very hard to go to the next level in the production department. As I was progressing with the company, it stimulated me to show my talent which led me to becoming a Line Producer.
  • VFX Hollywood Projects, Rotoscopy

    Rameez Mukaddam

    Senior Manager (Production)
    In my span of 6 years there was a huge amount of knowledge and opportunity to grab and learn. I started my journey as a creative, joining as a Roto artist in 2010, from there on becoming the Roto Co-lead to the Tasking artist. Tasking Lead to the Tasking Supervisor all in the duration of 6 months working on various Hollywood projects. After the opportunity struck on my door again, I got a chance to move into View-D production in May 2010 wherein I joined as a Production Co-ordinator and since then there is no looking back.
  • 3D Hollywood Movies, ViewD Artist

    Amey Anil Bolke

    View-D Artist, Prime Focus World
    I Started my journey in Prime Focus as an Office Boy. While offering my services I came to know that we convert Hollywood movies into 3D. I was fascinated and amazed with the work of all the artists around me. I felt motivated to pursue this career and with that objective in mind, I Started my training for Roto. The customized training schedule played a significant role in nurturing me into a technically strong and skilled artist and helping me get placed in View-D. I owe a great debt of gratitude to Prime Focus for having given me an opportunity and bringing a sea wide change in my life.
  • Rotoscopy Techniques, Roto Artist

    Ratnasagar Suryavanshi

    View-D Artist, Prime Focus World
    I used to admire all these artists sitting in front of their computer screens, working on different visuals. The management sensed the curiosity in me and encouraged me to learn Roto. They put me through a focused training regime wherein I learnt the nuances of Rotoscopy. In my free time I would seek my senior's advice and honed my Roto Cutting techniques. The management recognized my efforts and I was soon recruited as a full time Roto Artist in View-D team. I am really thankful to the Training team for helping me unearth my potential and helping me cement my career in Stereo Conversion.
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