Modeling 101

Duration :- 2 Months Classroom Training

Course Outline

In this module you will get to know various aspects of creating and sculpting a model. A model can be organic or inorganic. It is a form of sculpting created in a 3D space inside the software. 3D are widely used in various industries most commonly in Films and Games. With modelling 101 you will learn skills to model as 3d modelling artist.


Modeling 101 covers the principles of modeling and designing skills using the industry based software’s

  • Autodesk Maya – For polygonal based 3D Modeling.

  • ZBrush – Sculpting based 3D Modeling.

Career Ahead
  • Prop Modeling Artist

  • Set Modeling Artist

  • Character Modeling Artist

  • 3D Sculpting Artist

  • Architectural Modeling Artist

  • Modeler TD

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