Lighting 101

Duration :- 2 Months Classroom Training

Course Outline

As we know in real world when light shines to a surface, that part of surface gets illuminated and the part which is facing against the light source appears to be dark. Hence in this module you will be learning the skills to illuminate an environment. You will get to know the physics related to lighting and by end you will be creating a photorealistic render of your visualization.


Lighting 101 covers the rule of lighting principles in Maya to illuminate your scene.

  • Autodesk Maya – Maya’s inbuilt lighting tool.

  • Arnold - To provide a bridge to the Arnold renderer from within Maya's standard interface.

Career Ahead
  • 3D Lighting Artist

  • Lighting TD

  • Environment Lighting Artist

  • Look Developing Artist

  • Lighting + Rendering Artist

  • Architectural Lighting Artist

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