Training at PRIME FOCUS ACADEMY will change your life, and open you up to a world of new mentorships, friendships and opportunities. From your daily experiences in the hi-end studio, classrooms to industry driven workshops, events and fun activities in the academy, the time you will spend with us will be one of both serious work and play as a creative person. Though you come here to focus in your particular area of study, you have many opportunities to collaborate and learn from experts & professionals in other departments and disciplines, making your experience unique, diverse and well-rounded.


Almost everyone is afraid to break the ice and begin a conversation with a stranger. The thing is, you never know who that person is, where they might be working, or what they know. PRIME FOCUS ACADEMY campuses are located across the best cities in India which are hub for many creative media jobs. There may be frequent visits by Actors, Directors, Film Producers, Performers, Visual Effects Technicians, Animators, Broadcasters, Digital Photographers and other professionals linked to the Media Industry. This could open door of opportunity for you so be prepared and be open to connect!


You’re assigned your own workstation at PRIME FOCUS ACADEMY. That means throughout your tenure of training you will be with your own creative workspace and supervised by experts and professionals. Once you are assigned a pass key during your on-job training you can come and go to your workplace. If you want extra time to gain more experience, you’re welcome to come in early, stay late or even come in on the weekend! Take advantage of this when you feel the need to brush up on your developing skills.


Throughout your curriculum there will be guests and special events happening at PRIME FOCUS ACADEMY. Our academy has featured industry speakers, panel discussions and learning workshops related to all of our courses, plus ones that we think are just fun and of interest to people. PRIME FOCUS ACADEMY is also host to many meetups, talks and events that are related to the courses we teach. Look for events related to your interest and register to be a part!


It makes sense to try your best while getting trained at PRIME FOCUS ACADEMY, but it also helps you in other ways. PRIME FOCUS ACADEMY uses its social media to shine a spotlight on our students’ work. We also provide you exciting opportunities to showcase your work in national and international contests and events. An opportunity to work on Live Projects which opens doors for you to have your name in credits mentioned in the upcoming movie or television show. So gear up and surprise your friends while they watch the movie.

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