Effects 101

Duration :- 2 Months Classroom Training

Course Outline

Effects lets you quickly create complex animation effects such as break, dust, fluid, air, smoke and fire. Each effect offers many options and attributes for tuning the results. Effects Assets provides a number of preset effects that are organized as assets.


Effects 101 will cover the physics related to various aspects 3D effects.

  • Autodesk Maya – Platform to create 3D effects using nParticles.

  • Maya Xgen – Maya inbuilt tool to create realistic hair.

  • Bifrost – Maya fluid based engine lets you create simulated liquid and aerodynamic effects.

  • Bullet – Maya physics engine which lets you to create highly-realistic dynamic and kinematic simulations.

Career Ahead
  • 3D effects artist

  • Demolition Artist

  • 3D Fluid Artist

  • Cloth, Hair and Fur Artist (CHF)

  • Effects TD

  • 3D Effects Generalist

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