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Texturing is method to create 2D images and use it on to the 3D models. Its is generally referred as “ Maps” or “Skins”. Textures consist of Shaders and Materials which helps to create realism to the 3D models when rendered. In this module you will learn to create textures and generate maps such as occlusion, normals and bumps.

Course Duration

Animation – Texturing Full Time: 02 Months Classroom Training and placement assistance

Career Ahead
  • UV Texture Artist
  • Paint Texture Artist
  • Character Texturing Artist
  • Environment Texturing Artist
  • Architectural Texturing Artist
  • What is Texturing?

    Texturing is the stage of creating Maps and Shaders to and apply to 3D models to obtain realism.

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  • What does a Texturing Artist do?

    A Texturing Artist paints the surface of a 3D model created from the Modelling department. This is a skill which the texturing artist creates real life maps and images and applies to the model.

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  • Where will texturing artist work after getting trained?

    A texturing artist will be working in CGI film production studio, Animation, Advertisements industry, Architectural Industry , 3D graphics, Gamings and Many more.

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  • What are Texturing artist good at ?

    A Texturing will be good at creating materials and shaders. Working with colouring and 3D object creating maps such like scratch, skin color, relective and refractive materials, etc to create real life illusion inside the software.

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  • Who does a Texturing Artist work with?

    A Texturing artist will be working with other members of the department. From the concept artist to modeling artist and so on. They report to the Art Director.

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