The Rotomation department creates and animates geometry in Maya. The geometry is created within the environment produced through match-move. Match-move is commonly known as Camera Tracking. It’s an integral part of the Post Production pipeline; it is rather the first step to CG and scene extension shots in VFX as well as 3D Conversion workflows. It is a critical element which actually makes sure that all objects are at the correct distance or as we call it “True To World”. The main goal of the Rotomation department is to create the correct spatial relationships between objects in the three-dimensional scene while matching the two-dimensional content of the shot plate. Although the course is based on CG Rotomation process; It is by far a combination of different skills such as CG Geometry Modeling, Layout, Rigging and Animation in Maya as well as Match moving in PF Track and 3D Equalizer. This enables an artist to work in any of these CG departments in VFX, Stereo 3D Conversion or 3D Gaming workflows.