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As we know in real world when light shines to a surface, that part of surface gets illuminated and the part which is facing against the light source appears to be dark. Hence in this module you will be learning the skills to illuminate an environment. You will get to know the physics related to lighting and by end you will be creating a photorealistic render of your visualization.

Course Duration

Animation – Lighting Full Time: 02 Months Classroom Training and placement assistance

Career Ahead
  • 3D Lighting Artist
  • Lighting TD
  • Environment Lighting Artist
  • Look Developing Artist
  • Lighting + Rendering Artist
  • Architectural Lighting Artist
  • What is Lighting or 3D Lighting?

    It is the technique used to simulate light in Computer Graphics scenes. It’s a computational demand and complex process to achieve photorealistic images by using different lighting suits and renderings.

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  • What will a Lighting artist do ?

    A Lighting artist job is to simulate light conditions very much photorealistic next to real world lighting.

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  • Who does a Lighting artist work with?

    Lighting artist works with the entire respective department starting from the concept art to the final animation department. They are the one to generate illumination to the scene.

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  • How is Lighting Department different from other department.

    Lighting artist are a kind of virtual photographers who play with lighting conditions and simulate the real life conditions into a software. Its a technical as well as creative department to work.

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