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Effects lets you quickly create complex animation effects such as break, dust, fluid, air, smoke and fire. Each effect offers many options and attributes for tuning the results. Effects Assets provides a number of preset effects that are organized as assets.

Course Duration

Animation – Effects Full Time: 02 Months Classroom Training and placement assistance

Career Ahead
  • 3D Effects Artist
  • Demolition Artist
  • 3D Fluid Artist
  • Cloth, Hair and Fur Artist (CHF)
  • Effects TD
  • 3D Effects Generalist
  • What is Effects or 3D Effects?

    3D Effects are the complex computational demanded skill to create real life effects such like Dust, wind, Fire and smoke.

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  • Is it necessary to be skilled in other department for effects?

    At least the basic skill is required, which you can get it trained by applying for our foundation course.

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  • Is Fluid, Cloth and Hair simulation part Effects department?

    Yes, very much and it is a very highly skilled section of the Effects department.

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  • Do we have to render our effects like Lighting department do?

    Yes, you will to render also as its a part of the process.

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