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3D Animation

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Animation is a process to create movements and deforms to a rigged model. It’s a part of creativity where you will be giving life to a certain character by animating its walks, talks and expressions. In this module you will be skilled with knowing how a cartoon character should be animated. Its expressions and reactions to other character and props and many more.

Course Duration

Animation – 3D Animation Full Time: 02 Months Classroom Training and placement assistance

Career Ahead
  • Animator TD
  • Animator for Gaming
  • Character Animator
  • What is Animation?

    Animation is a process to create and manipulate objects and images creating illusions of movements in a form of reel.

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  • What is the difference between 2D & 3D animation?

    2D animation is the classic method of animation where each frame is hand drawn creating illusion of movements on celluloid sheets then photographed and exhibited on film. With today’s technology the celluloid sheets are replaced by software. 2D is basically two dimensional pivot having only length and height where now with more advancement we have 3D software which has three dimension pivots which are length height and depth.

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  • What is the career prospects in the field of VFX or Animation?

    Animation in India is growing very rapidly as all the major companies now prefer to have animation as the medium of visualising ideas and present it to the audience. Industries like Gaming and VFX movies are the major dependence of animation. Not only Gaming and VFX industries, but product designing, Architecture and health industries are now also reliable on animation

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  • What are the career paths and opportunities in Animation?

    Career opportunities are many in the animation department. From visualize to senior artist to project head in every department of animation. With correct focus and skills, the opportunities are no difficult to get.

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  • How is animation as a career?

    Animation as a career is very creative. With the regular advancement of technologies and new techniques, Animation has come to a level where a single hand drawn visualization can be rendered into a hyper realistic photo imagery. It is now difficult to have differences between the real world and with the world created in Animation.

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  • What is CGI?

    CGI is the short term of Computer Generated Imagery where we use special computer graphic software to create a photorealistic image.

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