VFX Courses 101 – Rotoscopy

PRIME FOCUS ACADEMY welcomes students who possess creative skills, a thirst to do something different with their lives and a burning passion towards their work. Excellent marks or name in the merit list is not our criteria to grant admittance to our institution. We are in search of a mind full of imagination and hands full of creative strokes.

Course Brief

In the visual effects and Stereo Conversion industry, the term Rotoscoping refers to the technique of manually creating a matte for an element on a live-action plate. Rotoscoping (often abbreviated as "roto") is extensively been used and plays an important role for Stereo Conversion & visual effects industry. By tracing an object in various software's available for rotoscoping we create mattes that can be used to extract that object from a scene to perform various task. The course is designed keeping in mind the current industrial quality standards skills required for a roto artist.
Structure - Short Term; 02 Months Classroom Training and 10 Months Industrial Training.


The curriculum is designed as per industry standards and actual production workflow steps. Also the structure of curriculum ensures that every skill can be kept in practice through multiple practical assignments and similar techniques sequence in all software’s throughout the classroom training duration.

  • Silhouette FX – For manual Sequence and automated Paint.

  • Fusion – For node based Paint through Match move, Patchwork and Compositing methods.

Career Ahead
  • Rotoscope artist for VFX

  • Rotoscope artist for Stereo Converse

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